Meet Erin

Erin Murphy graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of the Arts in Dance. Her performance credits include principal roles in choreography by Thang Dao, Peter Sparling, and Patrick Corbin. In 2008, she performed with the Spinal Tap World Tour – Unwigged and Unplugged.


Moving to Chicago, she trained as a member of Deeply Rooted Dance Theater II, developing her artistry and refining her movement quality. She grew to performing and training with Deeply Rooted Dance Theater in 2011.


In 2012, she founded Dancehall Twigs alongside musician Jamie Dull. The project produced two full length concerts of collaborative live rock music and dance. Erin took on the role of Artistic Director, responsible for the dance vision, execution, and choreography.


Returning to the stage in 2016, Erin joined as a company member of Noumenon Dance Ensemble. With the company, she has performed in leading roles for work by Alia Simon Montijo and Kristi Andarcia. In the 2017-2018 season, she began teaching and coaching along with performing at NDE. She assumed the role of Artistic Director of Noumenon Dance Ensemble in 2018, continuing the company’s legacy established by her predecessors of creating high quality dance performance and choreography by strong and passionate women.

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